Hello, I'm Molly.

Helping the helpless is my passion and my dream is to use my skills daily to serve others while making a positive impact on my local community. As a hybrid designer I operate in all four design disciplines: print, digital, web, and photography, along with marketing guidance and social management. Let me be apart of your business’s journey... Let’s connect!


BendFilm: Oregon Film Festival

A 16 page festival guide for "BendFilm" with inspiration from retro paper 3-D glasses. Throughout the booklet, images and graphics are designed in a way that when the accompanying glasses are worn they appear to come off the page.

Columbus Jazz and Rib Festival

A fun yet informational desktop design for the "Columbus Jazz and Rib Festival." For this web design, I researched iconic jazz illustration styles so I could set a clear design style and push myself to use that throughout the entire website.

St. Augustine city rebrand

Saint Augustine, Florida

A city rebrand for St. Augustine, Florida. The primary logo is a play-off of Castillo de San Marcos, a Spanish fort within the town. I was inspired by the fort's simple iconic shape and worked on ways to incorporate this throughout my branding.

Wilderness: nuts and dried fruit

Wilderness Mix Nuts and Fruits Packaging

Wilderness is a brand focused on nature, thus their package needed to be reusable with a label that was simplistic yet textured. By using recycled paper and an aluminum tin, I was able to achieve this theme and create sustainability.

Google Doodles Expansion

For a passion project I chose to create my own "Google Doodles." Based on Google's holiday homepage logo doodles, created are twelve doodles with a variety of themes and accompanying animations.

Photorgraphy elective: 'Objects that describe'

Objects That Describe

A photography series based around the photographing of simple objects that have a large personal meaning to the chosen subject. Each photo should tell a story.

Fiesta Veracruz

A responsive web design for the Mexican restaurant "Fiesta Veracruz" a fun, funky Mexican restaurant. Shown are the desktop, tablet, and mobile designs. Preview in browser.

The Things You Love

A photography series based on the quote "you light up when you talk about ..." The goal was to capture the contrast between the resting emotion and emotion shown when the subject begins speaking.


2017 School of Advertising Art graduate. Associate Degree of Applied Business in Advertising Art. Regional level of the 2015 Ohio Youth Governor’s Exhibition. Fluent in Adobe Suite. Passion found in creating with hands, and caring for my two chinchillas. Download a copy.

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